Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”) (Educational Publishing House Limited)

Educational Publishing House Limited / WonderKids Publisher / Yuk Choi Bookstore / EPH Mall (hereinafter collectively called as our “Group”) respects the personal data privacy of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“Ordinance”) so that the privacy of your personal data is protected in accordance with the standard required by law. In doing so, our Group requires all our staff and agents to comply with the Ordinance in the same manner as the Ordinance applies to our Group as a whole and adhere to the high standards of security and confidentiality.

This PICS is provided by our Group for purposes of comply with the notification requirements under the Ordinance when collecting personal data.  This PICS should be read in conjunction with our Group’s Privacy Policy Statement (“PPS”). Details of our Group’s PPS is available at the website of our Group at: https://ephhk.popularworldhk.com/zh/privacy.do .

Please read this PICS and the PPS carefully to understand our Group’s policy and practices how your personal data will be treated and dealt with.

This PICS may from time to time be revised, or otherwise changed as our Group deems necessary or appropriate but our Group will endeavour to give you advance notice of any such revision or change where practicable. You are also advised to read the latest version of our Group’s PICS and PPS from time to time.

  1. Definition

1.1   Unless otherwise stated, the following definition is adopted in this PICS:

“Personal data” means any personally identifying information or sensitive data from which it is practicable for the identity of an individual to be ascertained, such as: name, age, gender, photo image, address, contact details, HKID card or passport/entry permit numbers, job, working experience, education background, academic, assessment and performance records, and co-curricular data and etc.

1.2   Words in PICS in the singular includes plural, and vice versa.

1.3   Masculine gender in PICS includes the feminine and neutral, and vice versa.

1.4   A person in PICS includes a reference to a natural person, a firm, an unincorporated association/organization, a body corporate, legal entity and etc.

1.5   The headings in PICS are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of any provision thereof.


  1. The ways of personal data collected

2.1   Our Group may collect your personal data, which you provide your personal data to our Group, when you: –

    • apply for admission or membership of our Group;
    • become our Group’s member, customer and so on;
    • use and enrol our Group’s services;
    • purchase our Group’s products;
    • visit and use our Group’s websites and/or Apps;
    • join our Group’s activities;
    • participate any educational courses and/or study organized by the Group;
    • enjoy and/or use our Group’s online services; and/or
    • have any other dealings with our Group.

2.2   You will be required to supply to our Group with personal data from time to time throughout you using our Group’s services, purchasing our Group’s products, visiting our Group’s websites and/or Apps, joining our Group’s activities and so on.

2.3   Upon the occurrence of any event as set out in the above Section 2.1, it means that you agree to voluntarily provide personal data to our Group. Otherwise, our Group has the right to refuse or terminate: (a) providing services and products to you; and (b) processing your requests.


  1. The Purpose of Personal Data Collection

3.1   Our Group will probably use and apply your personal data for following purposes: –

(a)  to administer the provision of our Group’s products and services, including to provide any relevant services as discussed with you for any subscription/enrolment/purchase of products or services;

(b)  to process your application, subscription, enrolment, enquiry, complaint and etc.;

(c)  to conduct any investigation relating to you (if necessary);

(d)  to comply with any regulatory or other legal requirements or other internal business requirements from time to time adopted by our Group, including but not limited to anti-money laundering and Know-Your-Client obligations;

(e)  to provide customer services to you;

(f)  to conduct research and statistical analysis (including use of new technologies);

(g)  to administer lucky draws and other contests or competitions;

(h)  to enable our Group to perform contractual obligations to you;

(i)   to keep data subjects’ information on record and carry out our Group’s other internal business administration and operation;

(j)   to provide you with any information of the activities of our Group; and

(k)  to comply with those (i) orders of the Court(s); and/or (ii) requests from law enforcement agencies and governmental authorities; and

(l)   for and incidental to any other purpose directly relating to any of the above purposes.

3.2   The purposes above are necessary to allow our Group to perform contractual obligations to you (i.e. being a member, a user, a subscriber, a customer and etc. of our Group, and its services and products) and to enable our Group to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

3.3   Our Group may communicate you with various communication channel such as direct-mail, email, telephone, SMS, Whatsapp or WeChat, etc. by using your personal data. Unless otherwise stated in this PICS, our Group will not provide your personal data to any third party for use without your consent.


  1. The Use and Transfer of Personal Data

4.1   Our Group will use your personal data for the those uses and purposes as stated in this PICS and PPS. If necessary for any of the purposes stated in this PICS and PPS, our Group may transfer your personal data to third parties, including:

service providers, services partners and etc. engaged by our Group (e.g. cloud service providers) and their related companies, including but not limited to subsidiaries and associated companies within our Group or their respective agents and business partners.

4.2   Our Group will disclose personal data when required to do so by law or under Court’s orders and may also disclose such personal data due to law-suits or in response to requests from law enforcement agencies or governmental authorities.


  1. Direct Marketing

5.1   Our Group may use your personal data in direct marketing only if you consent or do not object. As to direct marketing, our Group intends: to use your personal data, profiling information, services and transaction pattern and behaviour collected, compiled, generated or held by our Group from time to time; and to directly market and promote the services, products, facilities, activities, contests, conferences, lucky draws, events and promotional campaigns from time to time available to our Group or the partners of our Group.

5.2   If you wish to exclude your personal data for direct marketing purpose, please send us an email, along with your name and account/member number (if any) to PDP Coordinator at ephhk@popularworld.com for handling.


  1. Consequence of failing to provide Personal Data

6.1   Unless otherwise specified by our Group, you have to provide those personal data requested by our Group. If you provide wrongful personal data or does not provide such necessary personal data, our Group may not be able to provide such data subject with those product(s) and/or or service(s) that you have requested.


  1. Access and Correction of Personal Data

7.1 You have a right to request access to, the correction and erasure of, your personal data in accordance with, where applicable, the provisions of the Ordinance, our PPS and any other data protection laws or regulations as applicable. Requests for access, correction and/or erasure of personal data, as well as withdrawal of consent, where applicable, should be by letter or email and addressed to the Customer Service Department at ephhk@popularworld.com. Our Group may charge an administrative fee, when handling the requests.


  1. Retention of Personal Data

8.1   Subject to legal, statutory and regulatory requirements mandating the retention of personal data, our Group will keep your personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the personal data was collected or a directly related purpose.

8.2   Personal data which is no longer required will be destroyed accordingly.


  1. Minors

9.1   If you are under the age of 18, please consult your parents or legal guardian(s) on the content of this PICS and our PPS, and ensure that you understand the matters set out in this PICS and our PPS and obtain the consent of your parents or legal guardian(s) before giving your consent to this PICS and providing your personal data to our Group.


  1. Privacy Policy Statement

10.1 In line with times, our Group will, from to time, revise our PPS and this PICS. Thus, you and/or any person concerned are advised to regularly review our latest version of PPS and PICS to check any revision.

10.2 You and any person concerned can find out more about our Group’ policies on privacy and personal data protection by accessing our latest privacy policy and personal data collection statement available on the website at https://ephhk.popularworldhk.com/zh/privacy.do.

10.3 For any contact, please write a letter or an email to:-

 Educational Publishing House Limited / WonderKids Publisher / Yuk Choi Bookstore / EPH Mall
14/F, Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre, 220-248 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong
E-mail: ephhk@popularworld.com


  1. English version of this PICS and our PPS will prevail if there is any difference between English and Chinese version thereof.
  2. Our Group (including Educational Publishing House Limited / WonderKids Publisher / Yuk Choi Bookstore / EPH Mall) reserves its rights to revise, alter, amend, modify and etc. this Statement and our PPS from time to time without any prior notice.
  3. You may also send us an email, along with your name and account/member number (if any), to our PDP Coordinator at ephhk@popularworld.com to opt out from direct marketing at any time.
  4. For our Privacy Policy, please see our Privacy Policy Statement for our general policy and practices in respect of our collection and use of personal data.

Revision date: 7 May 2024


 收集個人資料聲明 (PICS)(教育出版社有限公司)


教育出版社有限公司、童樂園教育出版社、育才書店及EPH Mall (以下合稱「本集團」)尊重《個人資料(私隱)條例》(以下簡稱「該條例」)的個人資料私隱,使閣下的個人資料私隱按照法律規定的標準受到保障。在此過程中,本集團要求所有員工和代理人按該條例的規定,採取高標準的安全和保密措施及態度,處理個人資料。

本集團提供本PICS的目的是為了符合在收集個人資料時,要遵守該條例的通知規定。本PICS應與本集團的私隱政策聲明 (以下簡稱 「PPS」)一併閱讀。本集團的PPS詳情,可在本集團的網站上獲取(https://ephhk.popularworldhk.com/zh/privacy.do)。





  1. 定義

1.1 除非另有說明,下列詞語在本PICS將採用以下定義解釋: –

    • 「個人資料」即      包括可以確定個人身份的個人身份信息或敏感數據,例如:姓名、年齡、性別、照片圖像、地址、聯繫方式、香港身份證或護照/入境許可證號碼、職業、工作經驗、教育背景、學術、評估和表現紀錄以及課外活動資料等。
    • 單數詞在本PICS包括複數詞,反之亦然。
    • 男性在本PICS亦指女性及不屬於男性或女性者,反之亦然。
    • 個人在本PICS可包括自然人、公司、非法人團體/組織和法人團體等。
    • 標題在本PICS僅為方便而設,並不應影響PICS內容的詮釋。


  1. 收集個人資料的途徑

2.1 在以下情況,閣下可能會將個人資料提供予本集團:-

(a)    申請加入本集團或成為本集團的會員;

(b)    成為本集團的會員、客戶等;

(c)    使用及註冊本集團的服務;

(d)    購買本集團的產品;

(e)    瀏覽及/或使用本集團的網站和/或應用程式;

(f)     參加本集團的活動;

(g)    參與任何本集團舉辦的教育課程及/或興趣班;

(h)    享受及/或使用本集團的服務;及/或

(i)     其它閣下與本集團事宜的往來。

2.2 在閣下使用本集團的服務、購買本集團的產品、瀏覽及/或使用本集團的網站和/或應用程式、參加本集團的活動等過程中,閣下將需要不時向我們集團提供個人數據。

2.3 在進行上述2.1款的任何情況時,即閣下表示同意自願地向本集團提供個人資料。否則,本集團有權拒絕或終止向閣下(a)提供服務和產品等;及(b)處理閣下的要求。


  1. 收集個人資料的目的

3.1   本集團可能會使用閣下的個人資料作下列用途︰-

(a)     處理閣下提供的產品和服務,包括在認購產品(如適用)或在提供產品和註冊服務期間,與閣下討論任何相關事宜;

(b)     處理及核實閣下的申請、認購、註冊、詢問及投訴等;

(c)     進行與閣下有關的任何調查(如需要);

(d)     遵守任何香港法律規定或其他本集團內部運作規定,包括但不限於打擊洗錢和認識你的客戶(KYC)義務等;

(e)     向閣下提供客戶服務;

(f)      進行研究和統計分析(包括使用新科技);

(g)     進行管理幸運抽獎和其他比賽;

(h)     使本集團能夠履行對閣下的合約責任;

(i)      保持閣下的資料紀錄,並執行其他本集團內部運作管理;

(j)      向閣下提供本集團的活動消息;

(k)     遵守及履行(i)法院的命令;和/或(ii)執法機構和政府當局的要求;及

(l)      與上述用途直接相關的任何其他用途。

3.2   上述目的有助本集團履行對閣下(為本集團的成員/用戶/客戶/服務及/或產品認購者等)的合約責任及遵守有關法例和法規。

3.3   本集團可能會使用閣下的個人資料通過直接郵寄、電子郵件、電話、短信、Whatsapp或微信等各種溝通渠道與閣下聯絡。除非本PICS另有規定,未經閣下的同意,本集團不會將閣下的個人資料提供給任何第三方使用。


  1. 個人資料的使用及轉移

4.1   本集團會使用個人資料於在本PICS及本集團PPS上列明的用途及目的。另外,在出於履行本PICS和本集團PPS中所述的用途及目的,本集團可能會將閣下的個人資料轉移給第三方,包括:


4.2   如因應法例規定,本集團將會披露有關個人資料,亦可能會因訴訟所需、按法庭命令、應執法機關和其他政府部門及監管機構的要求或指令等,披露個人資料。


  1. 直接市場促銷

5.1    在閣下同意或不反對下,本集團會使用閣下的個人資料進行直接市場促銷及/或推廣。就直接市場促銷及/或推廣而言,本集團擬使用本集團不時收集、編製、產生或持有閣下的個人資料及聯絡資料、客戶分析資料、服務及産品組合資料、交易模式及行爲;作本集團或及其合作夥伴的服務、産品、設施、活動、比賽、會議、抽獎及項目等,直接市場促銷和推廣。

5.2    如閣下不希望個人資料被用於直接營銷及/或推廣活動,請發送電郵(連同你的姓名及賬戶/會員編號(如有))至ephhk@popularworld.com/與協調主任聯絡,告知本集團閣下不希望閣下的個人資料被用作此用途。


  1. 未能提供個人資料的影響

6.1    除非本集團另有規定外,閣下須提供本集團要求的所需個人資料。 若閣下提供錯誤個人資料或未能提供所需的個人資料,本集團可能無法處理及提供閣下要求的服務及/或產品。


  1. 查閱或更正你的個人資料

7.1    閣下有權按該條例、本集團的PPS及其它適用的個人資料保護法例和規則,閣下有權知道本集團是否擁有其個人資料,亦可索取有關資料副本,並更正和刪除本集團保存的有關資料。有關索閲、更正及/或刪除本集團紀錄内閣下的個人資料要求,以及撤回同意的要求(如適用)可透過電郵與客戶服務部聯絡:




  1. 貯存個人資料

8.1   受保留個人資料的有關法律及法規監管下,本集團只會在履行收集個人數據的目的或直接處理相關目的所需的時間內,保留閣下的個人資料。

8.2 不再需要的個人資料將被相應銷毀。


  1. 未成年人士

9.1 如閣下未滿18歲,請就本PICS和本集團的PPS的內容諮詢閣下的父母或法定監護人,並確保閣下在向本集團提供閣下的個人資料前,先了瞭解本PICS和本集團的PPS中內容及獲得閣下的父母或法定監護人同意。


  1. 私隱政策聲明

10.1 與時並進,本集團會不時更新其PPS及本PICS。故此,本集團建議閣下及有關人士,應不時閱讀本集團最新版本的PPS及PICS,查看有關修改。

10.2 查閱本集團最新的PPS及本PICS,以便瞭解更多有關本集團在私隱及個人資料保障方面的最新私隱政策及相關的個人資料收集聲明。閣下及有關人士,可瀏覽以下網頁地址:


10.3 欲與本集團聯絡,閣下請來信或電郵至:-

教育出版社有限公司、童樂園教育出版社、育才書店及EPH Mall





  1. 如本PICS及本集團的PPS,中英版有不符合的地方,以英文版作準。
  2. 本集團(即包括教育出版社有限公司、童樂園教育出版社、育才書店及EPH Mall)保留權利不時修訂本PICS及本集團的PPS,而不事先另行通知。
  3. 閣下亦可在任何時間發送電郵(連同你的姓名及賬戶/會員編號(如有)) 至ephhk@popularworld.com 與協調主任聯絡,通知本集團,閣下拒絕接收直接促銷資料和訊息。
  4. 有關本集團的隱私政策,請參閱本集團的隱私政策聲明,瞭解本集團收集和使用個人資料的一般政策和常規。


修訂日期: 二零二四年五月七日